Complaceny, nurturing, creativity in the relationship

United States
May 31, 2009 9:16am CST
Does complacency play a major part in your relationship or creativity? I rose this morning feeling like I was on a trendmill, while playing a role in the movie "Ground Hog Day!" Is it a woman's thing to be nurturer and bring creativity to the relationship? What sparked these emotions, I had a dream about an ex-boyfriend who I've had not seen in years. We ran into to each other in a furniture store. He asked me to sit down on the sofa because he had something to say and all he needed me to do was listen(his exact words). He stated:"You empowered me in so many ways when we were together and I took you for granted. I felt it was "YOUR" job to do those things, because you loved me. I am sorry I didn't contribute more than I did to "OUR" relationship. Please forgive me. The dream triggered something in spirit and it made me wonder, it's my nature to be the person that I am. Why is it men don't appreciate a good thing, until it's gone. Why do individual get complacent in a relationship and feel there present is all that's required? Before you know it the nurturer is burnt out and unfulfilled. We pray and ask God for a nurturing loving dedicated individual and once you have accomplished the goal you relax. Complacency is selfish, do you think the receiver realizes there complacent behavior or should nurturer address it? Feedback please, I would definitely like to here a man point of view. Remember constructive criticism helps us to grow.
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