Titanic - I love this movie

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@chardyme (1633)
May 31, 2009 11:10am CST
The movie "Titanic" released on 1998 is the all-time box office movie with total cummulative gross up to date of $600,788,188 (figure was based on Yahoo! Movies website). It was directed by James Cameron and was starred by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. I really loved this movie and I've seen this movie around 10 times during its first showing in our country. I really love the characters and the story of course. A movie with story of facts regarding the ship Titanic and given a twist of love story. This movie is complete with what you want to see in a movie that's why I believe that it was the all-time box office. If you haven't seen this movie, well I think you missed 11 years of your life from 1998-2009 not seeing this movie.
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@russso (1700)
• Philippines
31 May 09
I was a Sophomore in High School when this was released. I remember watching it 14 times in the Cinemas. I watched it twice with my mom and the other 12 times I saw the film, I watched it with different friends. I liked how the events of the Titanic were shown and at the same time, the makers of this film were able to integrate the story of Jack & Rose who have now become one of the most popular movie love teams.
@chardyme (1633)
• Philippines
1 Jun 09
I totally agree with you :)