heeding the needy's cry

May 31, 2009 4:59pm CST
The following story was narrated by a man several years ago. And it proves that heeding someone's cry for help today may be the solution to your cry tomorrow. "Ten years ago, I left home to trade my goods,and on my way home, I bought a doll for my daughter Dollie. Nobody but a parent can understand how my heart lingered on that toy. Night set in before I was a mile from town, it was as dark as pitch,but I knew this road so well that I could have felt my way home if I had to. There was a storm and finally the rain fell in torrents. I rode my horse as fast as possible, but suddenly I heard a little cry, like a child's voice. I stopped short and listened. I heard it again. I called and the voice as a cattle driver, I'd usually carry money with me. I thought them that it might be a trap to rob and murder me. The bits of coward that hides itself in most men showed itself to me and I was half inclined to run away, but once more I heard that pitiful cry and said to myself, "If any man's child is out there, Anthony Haunt is not the man to let him lie there and die." I searched and found this child that seemed tired to death and soon cried herself to sleep in my bossom. Then I rode on, there I caught a sight of my window. But when I got in the front yard I could sense that something was wrong. I entered and saw my wife weeping with mourners around her. "What is it friends!" I cried out, and one said "nothing", and she asked, "What is in your hand?" I replied, "a poor lost child". I handed the child to her. As I lifted up the 'little thing', I saw the face of my own child, my little Dolly. While her mum was working, she wandered away from home and couldn't trace her way back home. I went on my knees and thanked God before them all. I wonder how I could bear to go on living if I had not stopped when I heard the cry for help on the road"
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@vandana7 (69341)
• India
17 Aug 09
Absolutely divine. Loved it, and I am unable to stop crying. That is why we are humans, isn't it? We feel, we care and we care not only for ours but for those of others as well. We adopt, and keep pets. We have so much love to give. Great human spirit. Thanks for reminding.
@anuraa32 (2452)
• India
1 Jun 09
It is such a sweet story. I mean this just shows what a little mercy and maybe going out of your way to help can do. He finally saved his own child. But then he didnt know that while doing it. A selfless act. It touched a chord somewhere deep in my heart.