Wanting to buy new camera

@bikespot (484)
May 31, 2009 6:15pm CST
I'm wanting to buy a new digital camera. The one i have now is way out of date. It takes horrible close up pictures. Not to mention everything else about it is horrible. I took a look on tigerdirect for some cameras. I just dont know what is good and what to watch out for. Mainly im looking for a camera that can take good quality close ups, that isnt going to cost more than a 100$.
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@thaMARKER (3093)
• Philippines
1 Jun 09
im also planning to buy one for myself. i have had 2 digicam before but it's no longer functioning that well now. i wanted to buy the latest from sony actually but im also thinking of buying a phone with good camera in it as well so all in one gadget..
@bikespot (484)
• Canada
2 Jun 09
Most of the phones with cameras only have 2-3 MP. Which is not very good. I should check out the manufactures site for more details.
@bikespot (484)
• Canada
12 Jul 09
I ended up buying a Polaroid 10 MP. Its a great camera , with many features. The only problems i found where the batteries don't last long. I bought some rechargeables to help with this. Phones with cameras the ones i have seen only go up to 3mp , which is not very good. If your just wanting to take pictures here and there it might be ok.