Have you ever tried shaving without shaving cream?

United States
May 31, 2009 9:04pm CST
Today I thought I'd conduct an experiment: I wanted to see how shaving without shaving cream would affect my facial hair. I went and got my trusty razor and a warm, damp towel, and I washed my face off with the warm water. Then I commenced to shave. It was a bit complicated, and I did get a small cut, but for the most part, I think it went pretty well. If this keeps up, I might swear off shaving cream altogether. So, MyLotters, have any of you men tried shaving facial hair without the shaving cream? Have any of the ladies tried shaving legs or underarms without any shaving cream? How did it work out for you? Do you think it may be better for the environment and yourself not to use shaving cream?
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• Indonesia
1 Jun 09
My country is always warm and humid, therefore my husband never use shaving cream. He said it's not necessary because the humidity has already make his skin soft and humid. So far it works well for him. And I think it's also good for the environment.
• United States
1 Jun 09
I've always been wondering because I always here stories about how companies pour harmful chemicals into these products people use, like shampoo, soap, shaving cream, and toothpaste, stuff people use to clean everyday. I used to use shaving cream all the time, but lately my chin has been driving me nuts. I'm wondering if I stop using shaving cream if it will make my facial hair softer and easier to shave. I've also heard that using shampoo can strip hair of it's natural oils, and some people don't even use it, they just wash it off with warm water to get the old oil out. Some say their hair doesn't get as oily when they do that, too.
@thaMARKER (3094)
• Philippines
1 Jun 09
yes. i dont use shaving cream, i just use my bath soap to shave or soften my skin. when im in a hurry, i used to use lotion to shave my legs or underarms. i guess i never even use shaving cream.
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