Do you like talktive girls? Help me!

May 31, 2009 10:08pm CST
I am a talktive girl*_*, but sometimes I wish I was not. My friend asks me to talk less because that can make me seem mysterious and guys like the girls to be quite and soft, which makes the them want to be protective.But when I go out with a guy, I find it very hard for me to stay quiet.I think it is really awkward if there is a silence, so I can't help blarring. What makes things worse is I always feel the guy seem to have nothing to talk with me,which only make me talk more... So what should I do? I need your help!
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@MANSHAA (324)
• India
2 Jun 09
according to me talkative gals are not good for keeping secrets... it goes for both guys and gals... if they talk more then it means they cannot keep secrets within them... its very hard to digest the secret and they are tend to speak i think u should always be careful from them when you speak...
• India
1 Jun 09
Yes i like talkative girls. Talkative girls are more open and friendly. Its always better to be friends with talkative girls because you know they are speaking their minds. I always say its better to trust the people who speak their minds. So ianmeteor, Don't worry most of the guys trust the people who talk more easily
@daliaj (5689)
• India
1 Jun 09
I like talkative people, especially girls. Talkative people are more friendly and I enjoy their frienship...might be I am a good listener. But, there is a limit for everything. I don't like when it becomes a disturbance for me. I have a friend who talks a lot and sometimes even disturbs my work. That is sad.
@hanah87 (1846)
• Malaysia
1 Jun 09
Yes,i like talkative girl.I like to be friend with girl like that.It is because i also like talking too.If you want to be not talkative,maybe you can learn how to speak little and be more quite.You must also empty your mind and dont think something interesting that will make you talk more.