Apocalypse in the book of Revelation: Is it coming true?

May 31, 2009 11:33pm CST
My friend and I discussed this a month ago. We noticed that some signs of the upc0ming ap0calypse has already begun. Examples includes famine where many people are dying, then the water in the rivers and seas are getting more & more polluted, then the so-called 666 mark where people can't buy stuff w/ out it. I watched a documentary that in the future, we will be injected w/ micro chips to make it easy to buy/sell stuff. creepy huh?
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@x_revenge (285)
• Greece
2 Jun 09
Pretty much everything propheted in the book of Revelation has come true. Earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, tornadoes, fires, nuclear weapons of mass destruction, epidemics, terrorist acts, everything you could imagine has happened. If you think that the last world-shaking event was the 2004 tsunami, for example, then that's pretty close to now, some years before that there was the whole 9/11 thing. Even now we have the swine flu (H1N1) and some time ago there were some pretty big earthquakes in Italy, you can dismiss all that as just coincidences which is what I did but honestly I don't know anymore, everyday the world gets worse, not better and bad things continue to happen, people are killing others for money, forests are being burned so that rich guys can build houses, I don't like it and I don't think God does either, this could well be out last chance to do something and I see anyone realising that. But why should they? People have bigger stuff to care about than their own salvation, like facebook or twitter...