Is there a stigma about women who play poker?

United States
May 31, 2009 11:40pm CST
I'm a woman and I LOVE to play poker. A lot of my male friends kind of shrug it off or make fun of me or don't take me serious, and they don't really invite me to their poker night either (although one time they did and I beat them, haha). They say that poker is a man's game and that women should stick to slots and bingo. I was offended! Honestly, I play almost all my poker online now because I don't get any flack for being a woman when I'm playing online. Plus, some places online will give you bonuses when you join, like Ultimate Bet: I miss the environment of playing in real life that isn't there when I play online. Seriously though, is there another reason that my male friends won't invite me to play poker with them? Most of the people I know who play poker are men, so it' snot like I can call up my girlfriends and say to them "hey girls, want to have poker night?" Do men talk about "guy things" like cars and sports and how much their wives nag during poker night? Is that why they won't invite me, cuz they don't want me to hear about all that? Do you think I could form a women's poker club or something?
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@denisewy (90)
• Philippines
1 Jun 09
don't mind them, they're juz intimidated. GO GIRL! Ü