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June 1, 2009 2:48am CST
Ok so here it is the long awaited up date from my previous post. I went on the save the marriage vacation with very little expectations as to how it was gonna be. The first night we were there was rough. With a case of food poisoning and over drinking. I guess he wanted to get all the bad stuff out of the way right away. So the next day he spent in bed after yelling at me for several hours for giving him a hard time about drinking too much. Like I told him lay down and shut up and go to sleep I can say what ever I want your freaking trashed lol. Actually it was funny to see him like that. He never gets that way I think the cocktail waitresses were double shooting his drinks lol. He is a good tipper anyway. I took my daughter to see the Shark reef at Madalay bay its wonderful I touched a shark a freaking shark if you can believe it. Granted it was only a baby sand shark but still I touched a shark whoo hooo. My daughter was afraid to try to touch anything she did try though but eventually she gave up. Her and I spent the whole day together really bonding I was so glad she was there I would have been miserable other wise we spent a few hours at the pool and we had Krispy Kreme Dounuts for breakfast. So that first day was great for her and I lots of mommy daughter time. Then we got back and my husband was down at the pool he said. He left a note. Shortly after we read his note we were on our way down to see him when we ran into him walking down the hall to the room. He was feeling much better thank goodness and had planned a huge suprise for us. The next morning he got up and took us to breakfast at greenvalley ranch and then back to the hotel. We went up to our room and he told us to put on our swim suits he had a suprise for us down at the pool so we go down and he walks up to the pool host and tells them he is ready to be shown to his cabana. My jaw hit the floor he had come down and paid for it when he was super sick and we were out doing our thing. So we spent the whole day at the pool in the water and floating on the raft that was included and sliding on the slide. We had a great time at excalibur in Vegas and the best part was that we did hardly any gambling we spent so much time with each other bonding and building our wonderful relationships. Then we get home and he drops the bomb on me that he has made a choice. I wanted to run and hide but he had a smile on his face. He said that he loved me that I was the one that he wanted and he was gonna do what ever it took to prove that he was so sorry. He has since we been home written to the girl and apologized to here and to me she asked him to remove her from his friends list. He has also removed her brother so not to have any contact at all with her. He also has put that he is married to me in his profile and gave me his passwords so that if I feel the need to I can check from time to time to make sure that nothing funny is going on. I dont know what it all means but it says he really feels bad for what he did and really wants me to trust him again. I am gonna give it a shot. I mean he even said that he wants to teach his child better than that and would hope that her husband would never hurt her the way he hurt me and disrespected me by doing that with his child sitting there in the house. So I have my fingers crossed and I am hoping for the best. I mean maybe he has had a change of heart. He did tell me that he was afraid of loosing me but he was drinking when he said that so I dont know but I can only trust what he shows me now. So there it all is folks sorry it took so long to get you all updated.
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