A form from the health visitor

@maximax8 (28558)
United Kingdom
June 1, 2009 10:15am CST
I got home today and received a form from my toddler son's health visitor. It begins by saying a 2 year old should be able to .... My son has spina bifida and he is doing so well but it is isn't possible for him to do many of the things they expect a 2 year old to do. Is your child able to do everything expected of a child of their age? What is your son or daughter really good at doing? Is there something you wish your child to do but he or she isn't doing yet?
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• Saint Lucia
3 Jun 09
Two year olds are able to do certain things and every child gas their own talent at different stages.My daughter is five and she sometimes forget her colors and to me its normal.Dont fill in the form if it makes you uncomfotable.
@jakill (835)
2 Jun 09
I'm really sorry to hear about your son's illness. In his case, every achievement should be celebrated. These generic forms could cause a lot of worry if certain children seem to be backward. My experience with my own two children was many years ago, but I remember how different they were.
@ellie333 (21029)
1 Jun 09
Hi Maxine, Every child is an individual and they all learn things in their own time, some walk earlier than others, some talk earlier than others, pieces of paper like this really annoy me and when I received mine I refused to fill it in as my child couldn't be described as a tick in a box and would speak to her in mperson about any issues there might be. In fact I have started a discussion today about sun cream because although I plastered my 5 year old with it before school it needs to be re appliedevery 20 mins well he is at school outside in the morning at PE at luchtime the hottest most dangerous part of the day and afternoon break and yet the teachers are not allowed by law to touch them not to check for nits or put suncream on as it is deemed abuse although these people are vettedx. I am going to write to the school and say surely they could remind a tiny tot to put cream on before they go out if parent has provided just as they would say put coat on in the winter. Going back to your questions my son has a spoeech problem due to not hearing in his right ear which also affects his balance but he is an old soul and can have adult conversations and is into things like archeology and history. Huggles. Ellie :D