How often do you put on lip moisturizer/ lip balm?

@mbs2323 (256)
June 1, 2009 1:28pm CST
I rarely used lip balm in the past. Since the weather here in my country is hotter and drier, I've lost the chilling morning which made my lips fresh, even when my teeth clattered. My lips get drier and so I started using lip balm; which I will always have it in my purse. I use it quite often. How about you? Or do you even care put on?
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@koditza (235)
• Germany
24 Jul 10
I always carry in my bag a lip balm so wherever I am and I feel my lips are dry I use it.
@anislhr (70)
• Oman
3 Jun 09
My lips are always soft so i don't use any balm. I don't need it
@Maryam27 (412)
• Pakistan
2 Jun 09
Yes, I put it two or three times a day :)
@saw2207 (1359)
• United States
2 Jun 09
I never leave home without it. And just in case I do I have extras in my car and in every bag I carry, next to the bed, in my gym bag. I feel lost without it. Oh and by the way my favorite is the cherry chapstick!
• United States
1 Jun 09
I actually don't use "lip balm" like that. I use good ol fashion vaseline and it does the trick. My lips already have a slight pink tone to them and they are BIG as well so using vaseline seems to help. Eventhough I like vaseline it does have one set back.... It seems to make my lips peal at times and that can be horrible. Sometime my lips will peal until they bleed from the pealing and grow back new skin as gross as that sounds. And eventhough that happens I still use vaseline because I feel as though its the most easy and natural weight to do something about my lips without looking like a clown for putting on too much makeup or something.
@cher913 (25884)
• Canada
1 Jun 09
i use lip balm quite a bit all most all year round. in the winter here in canada, it is cold and the weather outside (cold) and the inside (warm and very dry) can do a number on your lips. then you have the summer, with its hot and dry so that just sucks out the moisture out.
@SomeCowgirl (32264)
• United States
1 Jun 09
Winter or summer, my lips become chapped. I guess it's because I didn't care to take care of them for awhile, but now I put chap stick on whenever I think about it. We have chapstick on our bed post where we store dvd's and such.