Working Harder

@lisa0351 (303)
United States
June 1, 2009 5:22pm CST
Do you feel with tough times and the economy that you need to work harder to save your job and prove your value? With so many highly qualfied people losing their jobs, sometimes I feel threatened that I am going to be replaced by someone more qualified with higher level of education. It is a scary thought, but seems like more and more people are facing the reality of hard times.
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6 Jun 09
With the economy tanking and hours cut all over America it has been hard on so many of us. I have always been a very hard worker. I look around if I have a spare minute and try to help out someone else, or if nothing else do a little cleaning up. Since the end of January we have been on 32 hours a week. It is really starting to hit hard. The company has done about as much laying off as they can to keep costs down but maintain production levels required. At first I was able to juggle the bills but now they are all crying for money. Your question is do I work harder now to make myself more valuable? I have always worked hard so I believe that my work ethics are well known. So the answer is no I maintain my regular level.
• United States
2 Jun 09
I think you should always work hard just because it's the right thing to do. But if you think working hard will keep your job safe, you're fooling yourself. For the most part, Mr Upstairs doesn't care about you. He cares about the bottom line.