ReviewStream Taking Longer to Approve Lately??

United States
June 1, 2009 6:17pm CST
I wrote a couple of reviews last week, and I still have yet to hear back from them! The first batch I wrote got approved within 4 days, so Im a little worried that something is wrong. I love the concept of this website, and I know that others have said they have gotten paid, but I dont want to write a whole lot only to be disappointed later... Any advice? Thank you!!
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• Australia
2 Jun 09
I recently went back to this site after some time away. How long have you been a member and what is the minimum to cash out? I would like to start reviewing again. How many reviews do you make in a week, would you say? Maybe they have alot of people writing reviews now so it takes longer to approve? When I went back to the site I found there are alot of followers, so possibly it's just a delay because the site got so popular.
• United States
4 Jun 09
I have only been doing reviews for them for about 2 weeks, and until I have a little more confidence in them, Im only doing about 6 per week. You have to have $50 to cash out, which seems kinda high. I dont know- Ive seen plenty of posts from people who have gotten paid, so Im hoping for the best!!