ruining my day-MIGRAINES

United States
June 1, 2009 7:30pm CST
so i've been suffering from migraines for several years, and whenever i get one it really ruins my day. i've tried tracking the weather, including the temperature, precipitation, pollen counts, barometric pressure, tried monitoring my diet, tracked my sleep patterns and caffeine intake-and i've got nothing. no discernable pattern to what gives me headaches. i know certain things that will usually give me a migraine, but even my usuals don't always cause them. if i spend too much time in bright sunlight without my sunglasses. if i get too warm, especially when i'm sleeping, because waking up with a migraine is AWESOME. if i'm driving late at night and more than one person leaves their high beams on. getting 5 or less hours of sleep. having a sinus headache that i can't get rid of within an hour of noticing it. peristent high pitched or repetitive noises. i used to take imitrex, but started to build up the old immunity. plus it make me a super sleepy zombie type. now i'm on the treximet, which still gives me the tinglies, kills the headache in an hour, and makes me less sleepy. i have also tried taking assorted vitamins, including B12 in mass quantities (weee neon urine!) and magnesium oxide, which made me burp alot. for a while i took small doses of amitryptalin every day, which made me an idiot with no short term memory and massive tip of the tongue syndrome. i've had 19 migraines since January of this year, and treated each of them with a treximet. that's an average of 1 migraine every 7.94 days. so that's almost once a week all year that my day is ruined. anyone have any success on other suppression methods, vitamins, or bizarre folk remedies that seem to work? or any personal experiences from taking any of the above mentioned prescription or over the counter stuff? let me know if migraines ruin your day!
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@Bradpete (822)
• Philippines
2 Jun 09
Migraine make your days unhappy. I found a remedy of this health problem. Take table spoon of honey three times a day. Because honey is full of nutrition components like vitamins and minerals. B12 is also found in there. Now I'm okay. But women are the most who suffer this illness. Honey helps you!