Mom bangs head of new born baby !!

June 1, 2009 11:41pm CST
This is awful. I cant imagine anybody doing this to a child, a new born at that, and a mom to top it all ! She gave birth to the baby girl and very calmly banged her head in the bathroom, killed it instantly and then wrapped the little body in a plastic and threw it out in the garbage. The watchman found the body and reported to the police. She was somehow caught. She says she was in severe depression and does not want to be held responsible for her actions. This woman bore the baby in her stomach for nine months and then to kill her, because she is an unwed mother with a daughter already. God, the world is full of cruel people. The poor mite did not even open its eyes to the world for a few seconds before she was killed.Doctors say severe depression does come up on certain mothers who are alone at times of delivery, but this ! i hope to God she gets punished. My only thought is for the little girl who is all alone in this world, if the mother gets convicted. poor children.