Life After Death

June 2, 2009 1:29am CST
One often reflects whether there is anything beyond death, the Hindus believe that there is life after death.Religion plays a big role in life and death, during our life time our actions and deeds of good ones are blessed with a generation of spritual and material well being and bad ones are cursed to die in hell or be born as animal, so on and so forth. I often get a feeling that death in itself is not an end to the soul,it's just a blackout of the memory of experience during that life time, in every death there is a rebirth it's nothing but an illusionary exsistence in which everyone longs for happiness.
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• Australia
2 Jun 09
Up until last year I did not believe in any of these things. Through some medical problems I have found spiritualism and took on the belief that they have. Also I attended their church and psychic development, which opened my eyes to the spirits around me. I now can see and communicate with my guides and other spirits, so I know that there is a kind of life, if you will, as a spirit, after we die. I believe that at the beginning, before we come to earth in human form, we are told to choose our journey and our lessons to learn as a human. At the end of our life, if we have learnt these lessons that we set for ourselves, our spirits will be able to evolve more, eventually becoming ascended masters. If we have not learnt all the lessons then we will go back to earth over and over until our soul develops enough.