Would you still do something even you know it'll hurt someone?

@sharksfin (1098)
June 2, 2009 3:53am CST
I noticed that people have the tendency to be insensitive sometimes. Maybe out of selfishness, I am not sure. They know that if they do a certain thing, someone's gonna get hurt but they do it still. We choose to lie even though we know the one we are lying to will get hurt. Hurting someone is always a choice. We can choose not to hurt but we do. It's excusable if it's for a good purpose but if it's plainly out of selfishness, it's a totally different issue.
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• India
2 Jun 09
see dudet, world is full of sorrows and man is an extortionist and in order to be a happy and successful one he has to certain things and in that process there may be situations where he might have hurt someone and that should really not bother us much because it is purely unintentional and it cannot be avoided.. But there are some people whom i have met.. They will not be disturbed but still they wil be troubling others by doing things which hurts others and they know that as well.. What can we do if they do like that. I hate those type of people and it is really a bad thing that there are people like this... I will never do it that way if if it is a loss for me then also i will prefer the one that doesn't hurt others.. Cheers
@russso (1701)
• Philippines
2 Jun 09
It depends on the intention and on the end-goal. For me, there are decisions that people make that may hurt one or a few, but looking at the bigger picture, it may actually benefit more.