Are Oz Indian Bashing?

June 2, 2009 12:24pm CST
The recent racial discrimination against Indians gives a very poor picture about Australia. As an Indian I have always admired Australians. Infact it is my dream to go to Australia than the America. My appeal to Australians to exhibit their respect and solidarity to Indians, particularly the Indian students who have suffered in recent racial abuse. visit:
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@subha12 (18452)
• India
4 Jun 09
It is really concerning. I know all Australians are not so. But whatever may be these attacks are racial attacks. May be the politicians there are trying to down play these as racial ones.If this continues, Indian students will think before going there.
• Australia
2 Jun 09
Hi. I am Australian. We have alot of different nationalities living and being born in Australia, and we are quite multicultural. I'm not sure where you heard that we are against Indians because we are not. You should see how many Indian people we have living and working here, and we love Indian food too! In every culture there are a few people who are racist, sure. But we can't help them I'm afraid. I know the majority of Australian's don't care what nationality people are. We are friendly and we want to know lots of different cultures, so don't be afraid to come here. My husband is from another country, not Australia, and he loves Australia because he feels very welcome.