which do you prefer, "to love" or "to be loved"???

June 2, 2009 1:16pm CST
It's like the question, "Whom will you choose, the Person that loves you OR The Person that you love"???? ;-) For me, I'll go to the PERSON WHO LOVES ME! But it depends on how i like Her? Or how much i know her and spent time together. What more important for me is the worth of Me to other people and how the feel??? If a person loves me, then nothing could go wrong, she'll understand me and go into mutual forever. Like how will i love the person if she doesn't love me back??? Am i right? Hit me an answer pls... ;-)
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@italysmom (313)
• United States
2 Jun 09
I personally disagree. If you do not love her... it wont work.. in the end anyway.... Yeah it feels good to be loved... but... it needs to be mutual.. you both need to love each other... because, it takes alot of love to get over peoples downfalls.. which everyone has... no one is perfect... however... if you dont love her.. you are not doing either one of you a favor... you will later resent her... because.. you will wish you could love her... and she will resent you... because..she will try to hard to get you to love her. so... I couldnt settle for either... I have to love and be loved