i wish apartment renters had more rights

United States
June 2, 2009 6:22pm CST
I have lived in apartments all my life. I never minded it, until recently. Being a single parent for most of my son's life, I looked at apt. living as an easier way of life...no maintenance bills, no mowing of the lawns, etc. As a child, my family always lived in large apts, in nice areas, so we never thought that someone else was better off than we were because they had their own home. Besides, there are usually more friends in the neighborhood, when you live in apts. After I was divorced, I moved to a new 5 large room apt....first floor, private yard, and the Landlord lived there. I liked the idea of the Landlord living there, because I knew the upkeep of the house, and property would be maintained. I lived there for 11 years. The one day she decided to sell, and guess whose apt. the new owners wanted to live in? You got that right! Mine! And to my amazement, they only gave me 30 days to move. Now as a single parent, where the heck was I going to come up with the money to move - when most landlords expect, 1st month, last month, and security. And where was I going to find an apt. in 30 days, that I would be happy and comfortable in. Of course, they didn't care. 31 days later, I was lucky to find a new place, in the same neighborhood, second floor, 6 rooms, and huge yard. Loved it, although it drained my savins completely just to move there. It cost me over 2500.00 to move in. But I had no choice, unless I wanted to live in a poor section of town. So, I made our home there - and did my part in maintaining the grounds and house I lived in. I painted all the porches for the Landlord, washed the driveway down every summer, and planted a flower garden outside. The house couldn't have been more maintained by me. 4 years later, I was told that the Landlord and his girlfriend with 2 children wanted to move in the house, and because I was the only one with 6 rooms...guess whose apt, they wanted? Right again! I was shocked, cried for days, and angry that the Landlord didn't care that I had just moved in 4 yrs prior, and that I had already drained our savings on the other move. Where was I going to go next, and where the heck was I going to get the money. So I did what I had to do...I did not pay rent for the next 3 months, made him take me to court, in order to get an extension, and looked for an apt. I finally had to settle for an apt in a lesser neighborhood, but the rent was cheaper. Unfortunately, we also had to do alot to the apt, to make it livable. Now I live on the first floor again, the landlords are in their 80's, and I'm sure they are not going to last forever. When they pass away, I doubt very much their kids will take over their house, so they will probably sell. And of course, any new landlord who wants to live here, will want my first floor apt. I'm sickened by all this. But, I have no money to move again. When does the law defend the renter...I have no problem with accepting the fact that a landlord can do anything with his own property, but if a renter is forced to move on these conditions, why do we have to come up with the money all the time...why doesn't the law make the landlord pay for the move. And what is this with the 30 days notice? I want to live in a decent neighborhood just like the landlord does, so why doesn't he give me time to find a place that is right for my son and I? This is just another inhuman thing that greedy people do in this life...they have no compassion or sensitivity ...and we are only considered a source of income for them.
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