Work, recession, and Philippines

June 3, 2009 4:27am CST
The start of this year was not so good. The bad news about hitting U.S. with recession. Does anyone really knows what is a recession? Should we be concerned about that despite our location (which is Philippines)? Do we feel the effects of recession in job hunting or not? This issue puzzled me a lot because i went to the mall last weekend and there was a big BIG SALE. Almost all stores gone up to sale their items for 70% off. I saw many customers hopping in and out of stores with many bags on their hands. Does it also affect our job hunting or not. Does unemployed people like me have a hard time searching for one? Please share your views whether you are from another country
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@enciel (371)
• Philippines
6 Jun 09
i think it does have an effect on us here in the philippines. I mean here in our country even without the recession it's really hard to find a job even if you are a college graduate. Currently i am employed but I want to switch careers this year but I'm having a hard time to find a job even with the experience I have had with my previous job. I think it does have an effect but nevertheless finding a job here in our country has always been hard.
• Philippines
8 Jun 09
I agree with you (when you said it's hard to find a job even without the recession). I just thought that no one here in the Philippines makes a big deal out of this ecenomic issue except for those who are knowledgeable in economics.
@khayshenz (1387)
• United States
4 Jun 09
Recession is basically the contraction of the economy by more than 2 quarter (6 months). When the economy shrinks for more than 6 months - that's recession. It's a common phenomenon-though this one that we're experiencing is not-so-common. I think everyone should be concern - I do think, however, that the effects is less felt in third world countries like the Philippines than say the US (though I don't really know - I just know that it's hurting me here in Cali).The effects is less felt in the Philippines because the hardship that you all have gone through compared to this one is fairly average. To you - this is just another part of life (no-offense). In fact, you guys are stronger than us when it comes to dealing with things like these. To us - this should be just a part of life too. However, because the U.S. deals with debt (utang) so much - it's harder when you lose your job or lose your hours. Now you need supplemental income of some sort. I hope I'm making any sense. cheers! And hang in there - the economy is bound to bounce back, that I'm sure.
• Philippines
8 Jun 09
i am not offended, i do understand what your point is. My sister commented last Sunday about recession, though i discussed it with her she was not interested. Am i right in thinking you're a Filipino? Well, i hope you do make it and be blessed though the ecenomy says otherwise.