See what God's want you to know in FACEBOOK?

June 3, 2009 8:35am CST
I know most people here are using facebook, this is in today. There are lots of application in face book but this is one of my favorites. See what GOD's want you to know. I dont often my facebook everyday, but once i open it, i always get the message of GOD from this application, and i think all the words i get from this application is really for me. the word really shaking me or as what we said slapping my face of the truth about my decision, my life. What about you? Have you tried this application? have you tried and listen to the word of God or what GOD's want you to know?
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• United States
4 Jun 09
If there is a God who exists, why would he want to communicate through such superficial means of communication like facebook? Any effort doing so would be wasted, because only the stupid and gullible would believe that God is trying to reach them through a facebook application. HAHA. So yeah, most people wouldn't take the application seriously. Even if the facebook application really is the word of god, I wouldn't want to know what God wants me to know. I would much rather learn from living life and experiencing things, even if it mean having to mess up and fail, than to live life as an observer. As the old saying goes.. experience is the best teacher.