It was a narrow escape...

@tutul0045 (2630)
June 3, 2009 9:00am CST
Hi friends, Few days back I was traveling in my car to a very unknown place. It was my first time to that place and naturally i had no idea of the roads connecting to that place. So i asked a villager and he pointed his fingers to one strange looking road. Unfortunately i trusted him & took that turn and I ended up in a very narrow muddy street. It was surrounded with jungles from both the sides and not a single human was visible. Initially i thought this road will end soon & i will c other vehicles soon. But to my surprise the road kept on going and it was getting more zigzag. The only difference was I could c few huts in a long distance. Those were tribal people and they can be extremely dangerous. I sensed that Iam in trouble as i wasn’t sure about my car tyres. Any breaking down in that place would have been disaster and it was some very tense moments for me. Fortunately nothing happened and while returning i asked a lot of people and took the right road. So have u ever experienced anything like that while traveling? If Yes please share. Cheers, Tutul
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