Does anyone ever deserve to die?

June 3, 2009 10:10am CST
Do you think that some people deserve to be killed, Or executed? Is death the right answer? Josef Fritzl imprisoned and repeatedly raped his young daughter forcing her to bear his children. He has recieved life imprisonment in a psychiatric institution, he will be cared for and looked after by a team of Doctors who will try to "make him better" Many people believe that in this case and cases like these that killing someone is not the answer. That they should have to live with what they did and death would be an escape. But is it about them? Surely the thing to focus on is the safety and well being of the victim. I know that the victims of hideous crimes may never "get over" what has happened to them, but surely if the perpetrator is dead than they can at least feel safer knowing that they can't get to them anymore? What do you think?
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@hanah87 (1846)
• Malaysia
3 Jun 09
Yes,i think someone who has make many bad thing like murder,robbery,raped,criminal wars deserve to die.They should not live!God give them brain,knowledge and feeling for they react like other normal person.But they like to choose do many bad things than choose nice thing.I think they deserve to die and also should be punish by like they do to other.Thank you.
3 Jun 09
an eye for an eye. You are right, they chose to do bad things, terrible unforgiveable things.