How much money can you earn?

@leyisa (487)
June 3, 2009 11:42am CST
Hi - I am new to this site - Can someone guide me and tell me how much money is possible to earn on this site? I've been checkign out the site and I can't figure out how much you get paid per discussion..please help.
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• Malaysia
18 Aug 09
me too.. help us find the correct money making site on earth please..
@sexyneva (14)
• United States
18 Aug 09
To answer you question I feel that thier is a lot of money to made but just not one place you have to not put all your eggs in basket. If you get a time here then you may get a quarter here and etc it all starts to add up
• China
7 Jun 09
I think it depends on how much time and efforts you invest every day. I joined this website about two month ago and only make $0.3 yet. To tell the truth, i don't work hard on it as i am busy recently. but i will work as much hard as i can. hoep all of us will earn more money in the future.
• India
6 Jun 09
Well mate you earn 1 cent per activity be it posting new posts or replyinmg to existing ones. So simply calculate how much you can put in and how much would you like to earn. Though there are few tasks as well available.
@danilliam (278)
• Philippines
4 Jun 09
My friend told me that we do not know that kind of thing. There is no table or information how much an answer or a question will give to us. But she has told me that she was able to make one dollar a day last year. This year she told me that its very hard nowadays to earn that much if you do not have any referrals. She gave me tip to put in photos on the site since it would also give me some cents. goodluck to the both of us in earning here.