@kalaga (550)
United States
June 3, 2009 6:17pm CST
what in your culture are you very proud of?i am very proud that my culture made me what i am taught me the family values and relations and believing others.
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@mimimeow (295)
• Hong Kong
5 Jun 09
So what's special in your culture to make what you are now? I am nothing prond of my culture. I find them interesting but don't really have a liking of it. Confession is some great teaching, I admit. Tradition Chinese holiday customs are quiet interesting to look at and experience if you don't really have to do anything. But when it comes to the social ranking system, opinion of education and etiquette I am all against them. It will a long passage if I start on it but in short, they are out-dated and over restricted. And because of those culture, it need to social discrimination which I think is a very bad things.