what is alcohol to you??????

June 4, 2009 12:56am CST
To me.... ALCOHOL IS A POISONOUS DRUG, and it is the essential ingredient in Drink.This poisonous Drug Alcohol is what the addicted person is craving for. IT IS A TRIP TO A FOOL'S PARADISE - AN ESCAPE FROM REALITY: This effect caused by Alcohol in the body is what the addicted Drinker is seeking. Drink in a married man makes him feel single, and see double. Alcohol makes men into fools. ALCOHOLIC IS NOT VALUE FOR MONEY - Spend $1,000.00 on Drink, and what do you get in exchange? If you see a man who has drunk 3 farms. Did he get a fair exchange for his money? Drink is not value for money. THE HISTORY OF ALCOHOLIC TRAFFIC CONDEMNS IT - It's history is written in Blood and Tears.Drink has shed more Blood - Broken more Homes - armed more Villains - Slain more Children - Wrecked more Lives - Broken more Hearts, than any other scourge that has ever cursed the world. THE ALCOHOLIC TRAFFIC IS A LYING BUSINESS - Look at the advertisements - These show happy groups which are quite sober. If the men in this business were honest they would show the state of their customers at the end of the day or a night of drinking. THE ALCOHOLIC TRAFFIC IS ONLY INTERESTED IN MAKING MONEY - Over £4,000,000,000 was spent on Booze in the United Kingdom in one year. ALCOHOL IS A ROBBER - It will rob you of your money - Rob you of your Reason - Rob you of your happiness, and all that makes life worthwhile. THE ALCOHOLIC TRAFFIC WASTES THE FOOD OF MILLIONS WHILE THEY STARVE - Millions of persons are hungry every day, while this evil business wastes Millions of Tons of Grains every year making an ocean of Misery - Making Booze.
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