driving in the snow..

@leyisa (487)
June 4, 2009 9:08am CST
Hi all - I live in Canada and well, lets just say that it snows about 9 months of the year here (ok - so i'm exaggerating, but it does snow a lot..haha). Anyhow, I find it quite odd that after living here for so long, ppl still don't know how to drive during a snow fall...not even a snow storm, but a snow fall...suddently when it snows, ppl forget how to drive and they start driving like an 80 years old grandmother (no offence to the grandmothers b/c they are lovely...loveyou grandma). they suddenly start going 30km below speed limit and start breaking about 3 blocks before a red light....seriously! is it just my imagination or do ppl forget how to drive?
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@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
4 Jun 09
you are exaggerating, but you are also right. i find that during the first snow of the season, everyone flips out and drives like it is still the middle of summer! you would think that after living in canada for so long, they would learn!