What sea in the world famous ocean is the sea called

Hong Kong
November 12, 2006 4:25am CST
What sea in the world famous ocean is the sea called
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• Hong Kong
16 Nov 06
The horse's tail ?? is in the world famous ocean the sea. According to the common sense., the ocean is the sea central mainbody, the sea is the sea edge appendage. But the horse's tail ??actually is an exception, it is located the North Atlantic Ocean thecenter, is in the world does not only have Lu An the sea. It in northlatitude 20. ~ 35. West longitude. 40~ ~ 75. Between, all aroundrevolves for North Atlantic Ocean circulation. The horse's tail ??water depth about 1,700 meters, the territory flows-in weakly, thewater temperature reaches as high as 18 ~ 23 ?, the salinitygenerally is 37. The horse's tail ?? high temperature high salt,adds periphery the ocean current seal function, the sea water exchangevery slow, the sea level water level is all around higher than, theentire sea area likes giant convex lens to buckle in the NorthAtlantic Ocean. The horse's tail ?? growth is floating the massivegulfweeds, thus acquires fame.