How much you have earned on mylot?

June 5, 2009 12:13am CST
I joined the site 3 days back and earned $0.05. How much you have earned?
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• India
5 Jun 09
I have been on MyLot now for a little less than 3 years and my current earnings are $6.46. They may seem to low for someone who's been here so long but for my activity, I feel I've got enough. Infact, I can call myself the most inactive person on MyLot for my activity here is usually in patches of few days followed by months of inactivity.
@vonedon (96)
• China
5 Jun 09
I stay in Mylot for 3days , have posted more 50 thread , but only earn $0.08 , I feel so sad . You post 4 thread and get 0.05 dollars , so unfair , can you tell me how should I do ?
@lifeplayer (1009)
• Malaysia
5 Jun 09
I'm here for more than one year and my earning now is $7+. This is because i not active in mylot and i dont have any active referrals
@suj123 (1068)
• India
5 Jun 09
Hii, I joined this site 3 weeks ago but have been active since last 5 days. I have only got $0.26 in my account. I just have no idea when i am going to reach $10. Well happy mylotting.
@x_revenge (285)
• Greece
5 Jun 09
I haven't earned much, I've got 1.01 dollars right now and I'm in here for 9 days, no referrals. I thought I could get 10 dollars a month but now I realise that's impossible. I'll keep posting but I don't know when I reach 10 dollars, I'm not even sure if it'll be by the end of the summer since I don't know how much time I'll spend online. I could spend a lot of time in this site each day but I don't spend lots of it because I get bored searching for disscussions I'm interested in responding...