Who is tired of all the music being taken off youtube?

June 5, 2009 12:39am CST
It seems like everytime I go to look for a song on youtube, I click on the video and there is either no music, or substituted songs. Has this been a problem for anyone else?
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• Malaysia
16 Jun 09
Yes. I have faced this too. Its not only music even some uploaded anime like bleach or Top Gear. You wait for it to load then some ugly fat guy appears instead of the anime. Damn pissed of that
@Pepsi101 (16)
• United Arab Emirates
16 Jun 09
Yea I hate it soo much they force us to audio swap but it is better then getting sued or stuff like that
• Canada
6 Jun 09
What you should do is get add on a video downloader (if you're on firefox), download the video to your computer, keep for yourself or re-upload to YT when your fave video is dropped.
@x_revenge (285)
• Greece
5 Jun 09
I once made a music video for an anime, it was hard and time-wasting. When I finally finished it I uploaded and youtubed muted it because it contained Linkin' Park audio. That was like telling me "F@#% YOU". I haven't made any AMVs since because youtube's system just sucks. I have tried to watch videos before and they had blocked some of the audio as well, it frequently happens to parodies and its freaking annoying. That just sucks very very very much.
@hanah87 (1846)
• Malaysia
5 Jun 09
I also have experienced same problem like this in Youtube too! I hate it and very upset with Youtube.It is hard to find full song or video.Sometimes,people added a short song or video here.We must to find what we want to hear and see for many times.I think it's not fair.