Scared yet??

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June 5, 2009 10:23am CST
Hello, Firstly i would like to say i totally got this idea from xsammiesx Post "ghosts" So if anyone is commenting this who hasnt already read hers, please check hers out too! I'm not particularly asking "Do you belive in Ghosts", not sure if i do or not. I have an open mind about it, as i have not ever seen one i think they can probably be rational explanations for most of the things we see. Just telling spooky stories i guess, or things that have happened. There could be quite long so here goes, hope you enjoy =) Firstly, My parents story. When they first started seeing each other they were walking these two dogs together that my mum usually walked. It was quite late at night on Halloween, in a dark road where there wasnt that many houses. My dad was walking ahead with one dog, however my mum was falling further and further behind because her dog wouldnt move. It kept turning round and looking at something as if something was there, she was shaking and had her tail inbetween her legs. My mum kept trying to look and see what she was so afraid of. She glanced around one time and saw what looked to be this floating ball of light. She called my dad several times and he eventually respnded by going "What?!", when he saw this mysterious ball of light, they both paused for a second then started to run as fast as they could.(Relevent or not, the house they were going past at the time was one commonly known as "the witches house")Once they had got a safe distance away they stopped to discuss what they had seen and what they BOTH remember seeing is this: A floating ball of light, under the old victorian style lamp post right on that corner. They went home. The next day they went back to the very same spot and there was no such lamp post. Freaky? Secondly, I remember doing this thing with my best friend when we were younger, not sure if she remembers. She was sleeping over at my house, and we did this thing where we Wrote every letter of the alphabet on tiny pieces of paper. We said "what is your name?" and left my bedroom, shut the door and both went downstairs. There was no one else in the house, and i was with her the whole time. When we went back upstairs to my bedroom, we checked through all the letters, they were all fine, except the letter Z was missing and we eventually found it screwed up in a ball. Also freaky? Lastly, My friend told me this story about he decided to go out jogging one night for some reason. Had no idea where he was headed, but ended up at his school field. He stopped and looked, and noticed 3 hooded figuers coming towards him. HE thought they were a bunch or teenagers hanging around there or something but they were moving towards him really quickly and then he realised it looked like they were floating, they eventually dissapeared and not suprisingly he never returned there at night again. Freaky some more? Thats all the stories i can think of. First 2 i definatly know are true and third one is from memory of a story i was told, but basically what happened. Any comments? And feel free to add your own experiences! Happy Mylotting =)
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