Life = Work?

@mimimeow (295)
Hong Kong
June 5, 2009 11:03am CST
I work long hour everyday to earn my living, to support my family. And I don't have much personal in weekdays. I don't like this at all but I don't know what I should do..... I always think is there only work in life? I want to do other things other then work, work, work & work but living in the city seems impossible to get away from long hour working. It's not just me. My colleagues, my friends, many of them leave work pretty late. What is the meaning of life like that!!?
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@faisai (1140)
• Hong Kong
5 Jun 09
It depends on how much money you want to make now and more importantly how much you want to get hold when you retire. If you can lie a life where you don't eat out often, you don't go to the cinema often, you don't go shop often, you don't go on travel often, etc, etc. Then, there really is no need to be too hardworking on your job and just do it day and night. But then, if you as greedy as me and want to enjoy what others are offering to you: nice food, nice clothes, nice place to travel to, nice gadgets to buy. Then, we have to find some way to make money.