did u notice that u are killing yur self%%%% by speeding in the highway??

June 5, 2009 11:43am CST
hallo there,im 32old father with 4 kids,always taking my family going to holiday,to take journey about 2-3 hours,i always taking a speed limit about 70-80kmp/h. But the thing is there many speedster in highway.Making a high beam from behind to them get through,although im at slow line, There many people like this that ego's to showing how fast they car have like mercedes,bmw,ferrari..bla..bla..bla.But they have'nt noticed that speeding in 110kmp/h make 100% critical loss damage to they car and can killing the driver and the passenger and might be can killing other drivers to.I just wonder,WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE LOVE TO SPEEDING WITHOUT THINKING THEMSELF AND OTHER PEOPLE SAFETY ON HIGHWAY??
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