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June 5, 2009 11:45am CST
After nearly 3 years of sacrificing personal space, I have manager to move out on my own again. This time I have a baby with me. As much as I love my daughter, I am not a child lover. I used to manage a Chuck E Cheese, that may have something to do with it. What is it with today's parents that they have a hard time controlling their kids? The apartment I moved into is on the ground level. There is a little hill in front of my window that separates me, from the neighbors. For some reason only known to god, these kids ( who should be in school!) have created a skate board ramp, and ramp up the hill, over it and into the front of my patio / yard. They do it all day and all afternoon, not to mention talking on top of their lungs, and playing music. I didn't move here to make life more un-enjoyable. I tried talking to the parents but they just ignore it and encourage their kids, they think its a free world to do as they please. Real trashy neighbors, real annoying kids. I have to put my blinds down and closed so they stop trying to peep into my apartment, and because the living room blinds are broken I put up makeshift curtains. I'm too scared to put any of my daughters outdoor stuff outside, even on a chain in case it get's stolen. Sometimes I wonder if I could really consider this freedom, and if it's worth it. Nobody has any consideration for anyone else or anyone elses belongings anymore. What is this world coming too???
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@Eterna (38)
• Canada
5 Jun 09
Unfortunately, in today's society it's everybody for themself. Although it's a free world, I agree, there is a lot of people who does not consider anymore the freedom of others, thinking only about their own well-being. I am currently moving in the end of the month because I am experiencing the same situation with my current neighbors... they keep fighting, screaming, putting music at a maximum level at any time of day or night, throwing stuff and their kids are totally unrespectfull and even trying to get in my apartment when the window is open and throwing stuff on my window when my cat is there O.o I have spoken to the kids, trying to be gentle, to the parents and even have called the police more than once because I couldn't handle anymore the noises and fightings... Well guess what, it didn't change a thing and they came to me accusing me I was the one who was not respectful. I hate to say this but parents who are unable to control their kids, when they are at a young age, shouldn't have any kids!