when susan boyle lost

June 6, 2009 3:14am CST
Hi all! Did you also feel bad that Susan Boyle lost? Yes, Susan Boyle of the Britain’s Got Talent amateur talent search lost to the street dancing act of the group called Diversity. Many people say that it was a surprise win on the part of the group and a real big surprise loss on the past of Susan. It can be remembered that some people in the audience even booed Susan when she walked on the stage during her audition, wearing an unfashionable dress and sporting graying hair. But when she started singing “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables, people oohed and aahed because of her powerful singing voice. She also earned a standing ovation afterwards. Overnight, Susan became a sensation. Her audition piece raked in millions of viewers all over the world on YouTube. The once jobless church volunteer from Scotland became an instant celebrity. Many people thought that Susan will run away with the 100,000-pound prize money along with the title. However, she did not. After the competition, she was hospitalized reportedly from mental illness, but I believe it was really because of the stress. She was once nobody, now she is world-famous. And after she was relieved of the pressures of the contest, her old body gave in. After all, Susan is quite old and not used to the limelight and newfound publicity. And maybe too, she got sorely disappointed with the decision. Who knows what really goes on in her heart and mind? I would be disappointed, too, if I were in her shoes. But I do hope that after the Britain’s Got Talent Fever, Susan will start a singing career and become more famous. Or maybe she will hit Broadway and be a theater singer. Who knows what is in store for Susan? Would you also like Susan Boyle to succeed? Happy mylotting to you all! :D
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