Shareapic! pro rating system!

@snipero (358)
June 6, 2009 4:54am CST
Hi all, i think that shareapic is a great platform for earn good money but i haven't still understand the pro-rating system...i think it's better if they show the real personal income and not the 0.22 for 1000 clicks, i think it's not fair to reach the 20$ payout and then, after 30 days, have like 10% because they say that your traffic is mostly from asia and eastern europe...have you been paid from shareapic?
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@tuni902 (483)
• India
6 Jun 09
I too agree with the fact that earning process of Shareapic is quite low, but In views I would say that It better to have something then getting nothing, I have joined Shareapic to Host my Payment proof image on it and using the Code to get the Revenue from it, I have joined share pic since 1 month and added about 70 payment proofs image and in a Month I have already achieved 4000 views on my pictures... So I would its not so unfair because atleast here you are earning for doing nothing. Keep Smiling and Happy myLotting...
• Philippines
6 Jun 09
Sorry i haven't tried shareapic yet. But i guess the earning are way low and the threshold is way high. I haven't seen anyone posted a proof of payment here and that is the reason why i need to wait out for some more friends who can share a good experience on that site. If earning money through pics is the issue on shareapic, then i would choose other sites that offers to pay more and the threshold is not that high or impossible to reach. Besides, there are a lot of sites now that pays uploading photos and videos and more. So if you would focus on that, then study it further. What is their mode of payment by the way? is it through PP or AP? Happy Mylotting.