Do you know how to make mayonnaise?

@pillusch (1149)
June 6, 2009 7:23am CST
You don’t ? Didn’t you know that this is one of the survival skills we’ll need for this famous economic crisis LOL? I used to live in Greece for a couple of years, way back, in the eighties. I worked a lot in the growing and processing of olive oil, which was a backbreaking job. And I learned how to make a delicious mayonnaise. Take an egg yolk, and mind you, it can be only the yolk, and put it into a big cup. Now, very carefully, put ONE DROP of olive oil into the yolk and start beating it, slowly and gently, with a fork. The drop becomes part of the egg yolk, and when you can’t see the oil anymore, put in another drop, and start the process over. But be careful, because you might be well into your job, having beaten away at the whole thing, when you accidently put 2 drops into the mass, and the whole thing disintegrates. And there you are, with dissolved egg yolk swimming in olive oil. It can be frustrating. Do that for 20 minute to half an hour, in the end add a couple of grains of salt, and you have the most delicious mayonnaise you can imagine. Good Luck!
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@jayrene (2713)
• Philippines
6 Jun 09
yes, im one of those people who know how to make mayonnaise... lol i learned it in high school, in science as a project, it was about something on homogeneous. our group made gelatin and mayonnaise. i was the one who did the beating while my other classmate did the dropping of oil, we did not use olive oil, but we used other vegetable oil here. our mayonnaise was ok, judging from the grade we got... it was something that i have never forgotten, and i still make mayonnaise sometimes when i feel like it. never knew that knowing how to make mayonnaise is a survival skill... lol... now i know i can survive...
@hanah87 (1846)
• Malaysia
6 Jun 09
I dont know how to do it.Help me or teach me,please.I just know how to make western food.I am asian.I love eat western food.I think mayonaise also one of western foods too.It has been spread to other country in world.