Choosing good produce

United States
June 6, 2009 8:43am CST
When I was little, I always went grocery shopping with my mom, and she would teach me how to pick out good produce, tomatoes, canteloupes, lettuce, etc. Now, I remember some of her 'rules', but I would like to know the reason behind some of them. Yesterday, I went grocery shopping with a friend, and she didn't know how to pick out a good head of lettuce, and I told her to pick one that is denser (heavier for it's size). She asked me why, and I didn't know why, just that it was what my mom did. Does anyone know why? Do you have any other produce picking tips to share, and why they work?
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• India
6 Jun 09
I think leafy veggies like lettuce and cabbages are young and fresh if they are tight and look heavier. You will notice that as they age, the leaves tend to wilt a little and the head feels loose...I hope you understand what I mean. As for other veggies, I feel them to see if they are firm and the colour looks bright enough...same for veggies, they tend to become bit soft and weak if they are too old or not fresh. I follow these rules myself.