Happy During a Recession

United States
June 6, 2009 3:07pm CST
As we are trying to make it through this recession i find myself being more content with the little things in life that I use to take for granted. I find myself not asking for things (unless its a necessity). I only request things if i am asked if i want anything. Most kids are asking their parents for the newest phones ut or the latest games but i just still back and observe it all. Its like a reality check. Before the recession i basically asked for every thing in site. NOw i ask myself if the item i wany is necessary, will it go on sale soon, or is it really woth it. Do you think as a fifteen year old i am showing more maturity? and more conciousness towards spending money
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@underdogtoo (9599)
• Philippines
8 Jun 09
I am happy when I feel happy and I have no money so the recession does not affect me at all. I do think happy thoughts and these are important in keeping me balanced. cheers!!
@lcainiao (201)
• China
7 Jun 09
Yes, the recession is telling me that I can save more money. Before the recession, I used to got sallary increase year over year so I've never controlled spending money. Since last year the economic crisis explosure, my sallary hasn't got growing. I changed some act of my life, such as shopping online.
• United States
6 Jun 09
Hello, For a fifteen year old to recognize what we adults are going thru at this time in our history this is very good. Most teenagers don't care what things cost or whether or not it is a "want" or a "need" with regards to purchases. This is showing a lot of maturity. It is also showing that you care about what happens to your family and are not selfish as to the things that your family needs. You sincerely love your family and realize that times are tough all over and that money is tighter. You are very right in your observation that this is a reality check. This economic downturn is a reality check for all those that are feeling it. This is a reality check as to what we really, really need in life. Many of us are surviving on not much and have to start turning to our other family members for support. Many of us are relying on their faith in God to provide for us. I am glad to see that some teenagers are sensitive enough to realize what is going on, and can understand that due to financial constraints, they are not getting every thing they want, only what they need. I wish you and your family good luck and God's Blessings, Jenn