Do dreams really turn to reality and become true?

June 6, 2009 4:32pm CST
Hi, I have heard a lot of times that if we get a dream at night again and again and if you can remember it even after waking up they have a tendency to become true! Have any of you heard of this belief and do you think that such a thing really exists? Can dreams really come true?and Does our subconscious mind have the power to make our dreams come true? Do share your views on this interesting belief and topic!
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• United States
25 Jun 09
Actually this just happend to me last week. I was dating this guy for a while and became very attached to him.. The night of the dream we had a little fight, nothing big but i told him i would call him in the morning. I went to sleep and had a dream that I went on his myspace page and found that he moved me off his top and change his status from in a relationship to single. I woke up around 5 to use the bathroom and decided to check his myspace. When i checked it my dream was true. Everything I saw in my dream was exactly the way i saw it on his page. And that really freaked me out. When I called him he said we just needed to be friends and it broked my heart.What a break up
• India
7 Jun 09
Hi regarding to subject i have belief some dreams come turn into reality not all with this connection i like to share my exp. when i was in college at that time my dream come true which is related to accident with heavy vehicle such as BUS what happen i am going home from college mean time i am not looking straight bus come to my direction i am also going bus direction just second i have looked and save my life to create big road accident that was my dream which i saw i also come into reality ...