Sherlock Holmes, love to read , what about you?

@aweins (4203)
June 6, 2009 11:08pm CST
Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character but is so much popular and seen and the writer , onan Doyle, has put so much of life in the character that it seems as if Sherlock Holmes really was there. My hubby is such a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes that he went all theway to London and visited all the places and the museum . he visited the streets were the writer has described and has many pictures also cliked. are you a fan of Sherlock Holmes ? do you like the character and the the detective ? i also like him a lot.
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@dodo19 (29307)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
7 Jun 09
I haven't read a lot of Sherlock Holmes, but the few stories that I have read by Arthur Conan Doyle I have really enjoyed reading. They are really enjoyable to read in my opinion. I'm really hoping to be able to read some more stories of Sherlock Holmes, by Conan Doyle. Now that it's my summer holiday, maybe I'll get the opportunity to do so.
@silvercoin (2102)
• Lithuania
7 Jun 09
Yes,I really like this fictional character,I even want to believe there was a person like him in London,a real person which was chosen by sir Doyle like prototype of a detective.I remember reading that chapter where Doyle decided to "kill" Sherlock.It was the saddest chapter ever!
@scheng1 (24850)
• Singapore
7 Jun 09
Hi Aweins, I like to read Sherlock Holmes, in fact reading through so many times, can recognise a lot of quotations from Sherlock Holmes stories. Love the reasoning and the logical conclusion, and the fact that everything is so simple, once you know the truth. Dr Watson is protrayed as a passionate and loyal friend to Sherlock Holmes. I love the way the author reveals Sherlock Holmes through Dr Watson. I guess many mystery writers follow the same method, even Agatha Christie used the same writing method.