What makes a small item so expensive?

United States
June 6, 2009 11:17pm CST
Here at the mall shopping with my girlfriend today. In BeBe, I saw a couple items on the display counter, a couple of scarf was beautfully laid there; I took a look at the price tag, $80 per scarf. That is outrageous, what make it so expensive? I don't see what so different from this scarf to other cheap scarf. It was thinner, and it has so sparkle on it, and brand name, that is all. Also, a handerchief I saw cost around $60. I can't never be able to afford these kind of items in BeBe. So mylotters here, would you spend that much money on those items?
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@tinam13 (839)
• United States
7 Jun 09
money - moniessss all over.
I don't know, a lot of things are like that. It kind of seems like a waste. If you pay attention, most of the time you can find something that's almost the same but a lot cheaper. I think it's all about the name, and the company believes that as long as you want to buy their stuff then you'll pay whatever to have it.
• United States
7 Jun 09
I personally wouldn't ever spend that much on a scarf. That is ridiculous. Now, I'll buy name brands and stuff, but not everything has to be like that. I'd rather have a 10 dollar sprakly scarf then an 80 dollar one. I usually prefer small beeautiques with trendy but decently priced clothes.
@reckon21 (3486)
• Philippines
7 Jun 09
I think it depends on the quality of the item involved. If the quality is good then the price follow. The brand also plays a big part. If the manufacturer is famous and known for generation, the price is high. But i wouldn't waste money on overly expensive things.