oh why!!!!!

June 7, 2009 2:27am CST
I've made one discussion awhile ago which took me 1hour to finish it because i want it to be more details. It reaches almost more than a page and when i'm about to submit it, it tells me that the discussions is more mature in nature and i need to complete my preferences and whatsoever..i don't exactly remember the thought but the word is "more mature in nature".I've followed the instruction but still nothing. I was thinking that maybe i exceeded the word limit, so i make it short until i didn't see anymore the scroll bar seen on the textbox. But still nothing. I don't understand why and i'm just wasting my time.
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• Germany
7 Jun 09
Oh....what a pity!!! I have this bad experience as yours in the beginning. It made me feel that i was just wasting my time on nothing and after that i had no motivation for making any discussions for few days. Well, after that it was ok again. Only have to be more cautious as for the beginners, there are some limitations. Like you cannot use the smileys or copy and paste. And one more thing that i really do not like is you cannot trace back what you have written. But now since i have reached 500 posts so that i can copy and paste. Don't let it demotivate you, keep posting! Happy mylotting and have a nice day!