Does people tend to be exaggerated?

United States
June 7, 2009 3:26am CST
So, when people pass down the information verbally, or pass along the gossip to another person, do they tend to be exaggerated, or distorted the description of the information. For instance, a friend of someone actually taking a vacation from his job; but the person who pass down the message might said that he actually considering quit. It might getting the story way of track if continue to down the road. Don't you agree?
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@srganesh (6348)
• India
7 Jun 09
Exaggeration is worse.So that we used to say,"don't just believe what you see or hear,but confirm after learning about in detail".The worst part is people add their own ideas too in addition.More over they misunderstand the tone sometimes.So we have to be careful about the narrator.Judge his words with his character.Cheers!
@angelaaa (27)
• United States
7 Jun 09
People definitely exaggerate! It's probably human nature to do so; we all want to be a little flashier and we all want what we're saying to be more important than that of the person next to us. It's why gossip ends up being such a hilarious disaster, because everybody wants to embellish the story when they tell it and somewhere in there, the truth becomes totally inscrutable. It's a lot like the kid's game "Telephone" - when you have to pass information down a long line of people. The message almost always becomes distorted in the process.
@vnrsudhan (1514)
• India
7 Jun 09
hi clorissa, as the news gets passed,a lot of people start to exaggerate it,that can cause a lot of problems,like the firm superstitious beliefs of today,i am 100% sure that they are all a result of exaggeration for centuries.