Science will kill religion one day?

@akifu622 (102)
June 7, 2009 5:14am CST
Today as I was reading an essay discussing human beings and this planet's future,one scientist this essay mentioned suggests that with rapid development of science and gradually advancing civilization,finally in some day science will kill religion. Is it really possible?Does it make sense to you? I doubt that religion completely contradicts science.Nevertheless,throughout history,many world-widely known scientists were meanwhile pious religious people.They treated their faith as a spiritual piller that they could rely on or that able to give a feeling of release. So tell me your ideas.
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@vnrsudhan (1514)
• India
7 Jun 09
hi akifu, i firmly believe that science will kill religion one day and i am awaiting for that day to come.i don't really wan to be religious,its being forced on me,so i don't like it and moreover people are prevented from mingling with each other by religions,i don't like that too.
@akifu622 (102)
• China
7 Jun 09
So you live in a religious area?I was born in a culture background that overall,has no faith in any religion so I never have such an experience.It seems that religion really annoys you.But it must need quite long time,if ture,though. Anyway,you can try to get rid of your bad feeling by attemping to view relifion as a cultural phenomenon. P.S.Thank you for responsing.