time to get some studying done

United States
June 7, 2009 6:00am CST
Yeah it is time to get some studying done for my finals this week. Is there a paticular time that you perfer to study? I pick morning because I am rested from a good night sleep and it seems like it sinks in better. Don't worry I will be back later today to see if there is more topics that I can laugh at or with other people.
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@Jayrent (129)
• Philippines
7 Jun 09
I thought that you are a student right? I prefer morning study or reviews because my brains is relax after of long sleep. I also review before i go to sleep but i have to repeat again in the morning before i go to school. I am not so bright or intelligent only an average i.q that i can compete too to my bright and smart classmate. My father really supervise us in our study but lately he don't mind about us. Be back okay, Enjoy posting and responding here.:)
@glesil_00 (1147)
• Philippines
7 Jun 09
I do prefer morning too because i can easily memorize and remember what i am studying or reviewing. It is easy for me to study my lessons, go back when i am still studying.
@Jayrent (129)
• Philippines
8 Jun 09
Morning is the best time to study because our brain is relax most.
• United States
10 Jun 09
yeah sorry for late response. I finally got through my exams and I did not do very goood. It must be old age is setting in again. I litterly froze up and mind went blank. My kid laughed at me, I told him not to laugh because studying came easy to him and taking test is easy for him, but not for me. Oh well I think between homework and other quizes it will be enough for me to pass. If not I will try again.
• India
11 Jun 09
WOW! I too choose the same time. Because, during evenings, all that happened through out that day will affect our level of concentration. Then naturally, the quality of study will go down. But, during early hours, our mind is fresh, free from all thoughts. Our body will also be fresh. This situation will help us study more effectively. So, early morning study is the best!