is it true that you should allow dogs to have one litter?

June 7, 2009 6:02am CST
we have a chocolate Labrador age 6months who i suspect is about to come into season,this has prompted me to make arrangements to have her spayed( i was told to leave her until after her 1st season to have it done). when i mentioned this to a colleague i was told that it was cruel to deny her a litter of pups and that it was better for her temperament to allow her to become a mother at least once. i'm not sure i believe this to true but was wondering if anyone else had any thoughts on this. i don't intend breeding her, she was bought as a family prt and is a happy, content, well behaved and much loved addition to our family. any guidance or experience will be greatly received, thanks....
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7 Jun 09
I don't know really, it's up to you if you want to breed your dog isn't it and if you have the time and effort to make sure your dog looks after the litter then if you have the capability to make sure that each dog goes to a nice home where they will be looked after properly. it's a tough process which involves alot of caring for both the dog and the litter so i guess it's a personal choice wether you should let your dog have a litter or not i don't think you HAVE to have a litter