Do like to look at the moon in the night?

@cudamani (997)
June 7, 2009 7:09am CST
I like to enjoy the sight of the moon at nights because it is breathtaking to look at. Moon with a small spot is really an attractive thing in this world. It appears that a rabbit is sitting on the surface of the moon.
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• Philippines
12 Jun 09
I also like to look at the moon and the stars at night. There are times that I wake up in the middle of the night when its full moon because the moon's light is shining in my room. My bf calls me as the little werewolf
@nimzia (389)
• India
11 Jun 09
MOON the atractive part of night...i am a great nature lover..i too like to sit and take deep breath in the night looking at the moon.
@rainmark (4306)
7 Jun 09
Yes i do love looking at the moon during at night. Specially when i was a kid, I always asked the moon for a bread hehehe. And everytime i look up to the moon i can see figures of animals or faces specially during full moon. Happy posting.
@dodo19 (34288)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
7 Jun 09
Yes, I really do enjoy looking at the moon at night. I find that it's really beautiful to look at. I'm not sure why, but I also find it relaxing to look at. I've always enjoyed to look at the moon, for as long as I can remember.
• India
7 Jun 09
The moon looks so great that it just can soothe anybody. Most of the times, I'm on the terrace when I'm n=bored or angry or sad, listening to Music and looking at the stars. Most of the time the moon just looks so great that it can make you forget all your emotions completely and bring you back to normal without any effort. bourne
@dpk262006 (56599)
• Delhi, India
7 Jun 09
Moon Gazing at full nights is one of my favourite pass time. I enjoy watching moon from my roof when it is clear and starry nights. Full moon or crescent moon looks fascinating from a distance and one can spend hours together watching moon. Since our childhood we are told that moon is one of our relatives and therefore, we feel a kind of bonding between us and moon.
@Jennlk84 (4219)
• United States
7 Jun 09
I do like to look at the moon! Actually last night it looked particularly gorgeous. It's not quite full, but close. (I'm pretty sure anyways.) It was a nice, clear night too. Great night for sitting out and gazing at the sky!
@angemac23 (2005)
• Canada
7 Jun 09
Yes I love looking at the moon! I especially love full moons in the summer or fall.
@relikie (125)
• United States
7 Jun 09
I love watching the moon! Seeing it so far away but being so clear, it is great!