Yikes...Chicken Pox

June 7, 2009 11:13am CST
Hi All, My daughter has chicken pox. They started showing up this past Friday. She doesn't have a fever and the case is not as severe as it could be due to past vaccinations. My question is when is she able to return to school? Also, any suggestions on how to alleviate the itching? Should I contact the school so they can notify parents and they can watch for it in their children? Even though my other two kids have been vaccinated, are they highly susceptible to it too? (They've never had them)
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• United States
8 Jun 09
When my step daughter got it, all the doctor had her do was good ole bed rest. She took tylenol for the fever. We used a cream for the itching and she was sick for about 5 days. Just keep them from scratching, it can lead to some pretty nasty scars. I'd notify the school because at least one other kid has to have it unless you already know where your child got it from. As far as your other kids go, they can get it. Thier vaccinations should make it more mild for them if they do though. It will only be a secondary infection.
@suj123 (1068)
• India
8 Jun 09
Hii, I hope you took her to doctor. It's best to ask your doctor all your questions. I had chicken pox when i was a baby. So i don't know how much time it will take and do take care of her. I wish she gets well soon.
@mimiang (3777)
• Philippines
7 Jun 09
Ask for a prescription of acyclovir, an antiviral from your pedia trician.Perhaps, she will also be given antihistamine for the itching.I don't have any idea when theyu can come to school
@burnkate (68)
• United States
7 Jun 09
how old is she? I got it in 8th grade before and it was a week before I came back ... if they are vaccinated then they do have a slight chance of getting it but unless they drink from her cup or if she coughs directly on them they won't get it ... the older you are the worse and if you treat it well then if the kid is little then she could get it over with in a week (when I went back to school it had all gone away but I had marks on my face ... it was horrible ... it's all gone now)